Sonnet ECHO Pro Single Slot Reader/Writer


ECHO Pro Single Slot SxS Reader/Writer with Thunderbolt Adapter

Thunderbolt technology is amazing - the speed and versatility (supporting high-resolution displays plus high-performance data devices through a single, compact port) make it clear that this is next generation I/O technology.

But what about connecting legacy FireWire and eSATA peripherals, as well as USB 3.0 devices and high-speed memory cards such as SxS media? Sonnet's Echo ExpressCard Pro expands Thunderbolt connectivity to any computer with a Thunderbolt port, enabling you to use a wide variety of ExpressCard/34 cards to add a range of interfaces and capabilities to your system. Plus, it's the fastest, least expensive SxS memory card reader available!

Echo ExpressCard Pro supports ExpressCard 2.0 cards at full bandwidth for the ultimate performance (for example, Sonnet's newest super-fast pro eSATA cards yield read/write speeds as high as 375 MB/s). In addition, the adapter ingests footage from SxS memory cards at up to 150 MB/s. Echo ExpressCard Pro includes a 5-year warranty and gives you the additional connectivity you need, today.


  • Expands Your Computer's Connectivity and Capabilities
    Enables you to use ExpressCard/34 adapters with Thunderbolt technology-equipped computers
  • Reads SxS Memory Cards
    Ingests footage from SxS memory cards at up to 150 MB/s 
  • Fast Interface
    High-performance 10 Gb/s Thunderbolt technology, 5.0 Gb/s ExpressCard 2.0 
  • Supports Common ExpressCard/34 Adapters
  • Supports a wide range of interfaces from Gigabit Ethernet and eSATA controllers to FireWire and USB 3.0
  • Supports Qio Interface Adapters
    Enables use of Qio, Qio E3, and Qio CF4 pro media readers via ExpressCard interface with Thunderbolt technology-enabled computers 
  • Supports Specialty ExpressCard/34 Adapters
  • Supports ExpressCard adapters for specialty devices such as AJA IO Express and Prism Sound ADA-8XR and Orpheus