Amulet Hotkey Quad/Octal Display Zero Clients


Unique premium quality quad display. Zero Clients for mission and business critical applications.

Quad/Octal Display Zero Clients

Unique Mission / Business Critical Zero Client


Amulet Hotkey’s DXZ4 series of zero clients provide a unique solution for mission critical and business critical environments where robust operation and redundancy features are required.  Key DXZ4 zero client features include:

  • Redundant network interfaces (copper or fibre)
  • Locking power supply cable
  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Passive cooling
  • EMI shielding required by secure facilities

Amulet Hotkey takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your success from planning through deployment, management and support.  This starts with Amulet Hotkey’s long standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing which provides a level of control and security lacking in vendors that rely on remote contract manufacturing.  We understand our zero clients from the core PCB, thermal and EMI design, manufacturing line, packaging and system architecture to configuration and deployment which enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.


  • Performance quad display client
  • Feature rich and compact endpoint
  • Premium quality, high-availability features and unrivalled support
  • Ultra-High Security
  • Easiest client endpoint to manage
  • Quad high-resolution or octal display configuration solution options