NextoDI NPS-10-CFast


NextoDI NPS-10-CFast back-up solution for CFast. 

NPS-10-CFast is a high-quality back-up solution for all professional photographers, video shooters and cinematographers. This compact and lightweight back- up solution is designed for easy back-up wherever you are.

The built-in memory card slots and USB port allow instant and fast copying of files directly to the internal storage (SSD or HDD) without external power or a computer.

NDI-NPS-10-CFast provides the best-in-class back-up speed via the patented “X-copy” technology. Review your backed up Full HD/ 4K footage without a computer with the 2.4” color LCD screen.

The NPS-10 supports the possibility to back-up a memory card multiple times without erasing the content and you can back-up only the files that are added after the last backup, saving a lot of time and storage space. 


  • Fastest back-up speed, up to 350MB/s (CFast)

  • Tough yet lightweight design, weighing only 200g

    /0.44 lbs (w/o internal drive)

  • Built-in SD card slot (2) and microSD slot (1)

  • Simultaneous back-up to multiple memory cards

  • Direct copying of files to the internal storage

    without computer

  • Unlimited storage by easy exchange of internal

    drive (SSD or HDD)

  • 2.4 Inch LCD display

  • Universal USB Type C-port connection

  • 1 Year warranty