Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 Quad Display KVM Extender Host


Professional KVM-Extender Host for high-performance and secure access to any workstation from anywhere.

Secure access to any workstation

The Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 is a Quad-Display, KVM-Extender Host based on KVM-over-IP technology using the industry standard PCoIP® protocol. The DXT-H4 enables secure, high-performance remote access for any workstation, laptop, closed system or legacy PC that has digital video ports.

• Anywhere access: get secure remote access over standard IP networks to host systems that may be fixed, mobile or forward deployed.

• WAN performance: uses PCoIP remote display protocol and advanced imaging algorithms. Twice the PCoIP image encoding performance of previous KVM generations.

• Enterprise-class connection brokers: seamlessly integrates any computer or closed system into a VMware Horizon or Leostream environment.

• Remote any system: uses standard video, USB and audio cables where it is not possible to install remote access PCIe cards or software, and where host systems must remain physically isolated to meet security or application licensing requirements.

• Secure collaboration: allow working between teams that have systems not operable in the same environment, including enterprise partnerships, government departments, agencies and nations as well as military/defence coalition partners.

• Secure host isolation: a completely external remote access solution that transmits only encrypted display pixels, USB and audio to ensure there is no interaction between systems and no application data ever leaves the host system.


  • Secure remote access for systems that require complete host isolation
  • Support for quad video up to 1920 x 1200 or dual video up to 2560 x 1600. Contact us about 4K UHD upgrade capability
  • Hardware accelerated and low-latency PCoIP protocol encoding for a responsive end user experience without compromise
  • Exceptional performance including real-time video and demanding 3D graphics
  • Build-to-lossless imaging to ensure analysis is performed on a pixel-perfect image
  • Compatible with host computer operating system such as Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Built-in VMware Horizon Agent to integrate any system into a Horizon environment
  • Designed for security, reliability and strict emissions control
  • Extensive end-point options including secure zero clients and software clients for mobile devices
  • Easy to configure and manage