Quantum i6 Scalar


Efficient, Intelligent Enterprise-Scale Tape Storage.

Scalar i6 delivers best-in-class storage density with up to 24 PB in a single 19-inch rack, minimizing your valuable data center footprint. 80 PLUS certified power supplies require the lowest power and cooling, further minimizing ongoing operating costs.

Policy-based data integrity checks are automated with the Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) feature, ensuring stored content remains readable. With intelligent data management applications like Quantum StorNext®, suspect tapes can have content migrated automatically to a new tape, creating a self-healing archive. 

A modular design simplifies scalability for managing growth. Each Scalar i6 module supports up to three full-height LTO tape drives and 100 storage slots, for up to 3 PB of storage per module. Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) slot licensing in 25-slot increments provides small granularity to better manage your storage costs in a pay- as-you-grow approach, with capacity scaling from 1.5 PB up to 24 PB within a single 19-inch rack. 


  • Local touch screen; HTML5 remote management GUI with mobile-first design for mobile, tablet and PC support.
  • 8 Gb Fibre Channel for library control and data; 1 GbE for management 
  • Inventory speed ranges from approx. 1 minute to 6 minutes, depending on the configuration. 
  • Customers can choose to have automatic checks for fimrware updates to ensure use of the latest library and drive code levels.
  • Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines etc.)
  • Supports up to 15 partitions.
  • Configurable, 0-50 slots in 5-slot increments for every module.