• Flight

    Flight is the only SaaS solution on the market that accelerates the movement of large files and data sets into and out of cloud storage. Automatically maintained and updated for you, Flight is easy to deploy, scales as needed, and works with Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and other leading cloud platforms.


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  • Manager + Agents

    Managers+Agents is an enterprise software solution for automated delivery of large files across geographically distributed locations. Managers+Agents provides advanced central control, acceleration technology to compensate for latency without disrupting other network traffic, and enterprise class security. Seamlessly integrating with existing IT infrastructure, Managers+Agents enables highly efficient file-based workflows.

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  • Marquis Project Parking

    A complete Avid storage management solution.


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  • Media Shuttle

    Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that allows media professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. Consolidate and track all your file movement while gaining speed, security and control in one elegant, easy to use, cloud-based solution.


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  • Softron MovieRecorder 4

    Softron MovieRecorder 4

    Multichannel edit-while-ingest on one Mac.

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  • Softron MovieRecorder Express 4

    Softron MovieRecorder Express 4

    MovieRecorder Express 4 - Entry-level multichannel edit-while-ingest.


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