LTO LTFS Management Software

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is a standard format for writing files to tape. It's ideal for storing production and post media as the LTO tapes can be mounted and read on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. You aren't locked into a proprietary archive.

The LTFS standard requires LTO5 or LTO6 tape drives. These drives connect using SAS or FC. We recommend the ExpressSAS H680 or Celerity FC PCIe cards from ATTO as these cards fit inside the old MacPro or in a Thunderbolt chassis. If you were to use the Sonnet Echo Express chassis it would make it easier to connect one or two LTO drives via SAS and Thunderbolt to a MacBook Pro creating a very portable archive station. If using two LTO drives; they must be from the same manufacturer. Alternatively, with the new YoYottaID Automation option, archive to 8, 24 or 48 tapes using an HP Tape Library.


  • Fast and Secure
  • Search for Assets
  • Built in Project and Metadata Store:

    All media metadata is stored in a local database. Use YoYottaID to catalog your drives, volumes and tapes.

  • Simple Media Management
  • Multiple Media and Backups:

    Cards can be copied to multiple Backup destinations simultaneously. Copy multiple cards at once, or add them to a card for sequential backup. Limited only by the speed of connected storage. Stop an import and pickup later. Span large backups across multiple volumes, disks and tapes.

  • Unlimited backup size
  • Independent Verify:
  • Each backup is now independently verified. This reduces the verify time.
  • Media cards can now be ejected and removed as soon as verifying starts.
  • Organise your Media:

    YoYottaID can make consistent folders based on Project, Day, Date, Camera and Media names. This will make life easy throughout your project. v2 has more flexible tokens for folder names. Presets are automatically recalled for different camera types.

  • Reporting:

    YoYottaID creates a PDF report and this can be automatically emailed to all team members without needing to setup any email software. The report contains the media checksums for future reference along with media codec, duration and resolution. This metadata is also in the database and stored as extended attributes in the file directory.

  • Selective Import
  • Preview selected files
  • YFS (YoYotta File System)
  • Smart Queue:

    If you need to copy multiple high-speed cards to the same RAID, then it's often quicker to process them sequentially rather than simultaneously. But this would mean waiting for each backup to complete.
    YoYottaID will offer to add the backups into a queue. So you can walk away and let it get on, letting you know as each completes.


YoYottaID-LTFS (LTFS Software)