Turtle Waterproof Transit Case


52x Waterproof Transit Case

Turtle case media tape transit cases provide secure media storage and transportation of all your stored media tapes when they are moved from location to location, such as offsite tape storage facilities. By using Turtle cases you are protecting your valuable data tapes.

The leading computer tape and media manufacturers including Imation, IBM and StorageTek recommend turtle cases. The cases are specially designed to protect the stored media tapes during storage and transportation, and protect from mechanical impacts, temperature and/or humidity extremes, debris from foreign contaminants, airborne debris and electrostatic discharge.

Turtle cases have become the leading media tape storage cases for transporting data tapes between locations.


  • Airtight, waterproof ATA certified case with foam insert.
  • Designed to hold 52 LTO tapes or 44 DLT tapes with their plastic jewel boxes.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Double movement latch prevents accidental opening for added protection.
  • Double padlockable. Lifetime warranty.


Waterproof-Tape-50 (52x LTO Tapes Case)