Caldigit Thunderbolt Station 3 Plus


Charging & Expanding Thunderbolt 3 Workflows.

Thunderbolt 3’s ability to offer data, audio/video, and power in one cable now means that user can charge their Mac laptops with the TS3 - Thunderbolt Station 3. Featuring dual Thunderbolt 3 Type-C ports, three USB 3.1 Type-A ports, DisplayPort, dual eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet and Audio In/Out, the TS3 offers a host of connectivity options. The TS3 can also be integrated into any workflow in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing users to choose how they display the device on their desk.

If you are a 2016 (or 2017, 2018) MacBook Pro or PC user with Thunderbolt 3, the TS3 will add extra connectivity options whilst simultaneously *charging the connected computer. The TS3 provides Thunderbolt 3 Type-C, DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Type-A, eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and Audio In/Out via one single Thunderbolt 3 cable. If laptop charging and expandability is the most important factor, the TS3 is a great choice.


  • Charge Laptop or Windows PC, stand alone charing.
  • High Performance Display. 
  • Powerful Expandability, add TB3 Type-C, eSATA storage, or even USB 3.1 devices.
  • Suitable for dual monitor setups.
  • Ability to daisy-chain extra Thunderbolt 3 Type-C devices.