SyncBac PRO


A wireless, embedded, timecode sync accessory for GoPro 

The SyncBac PRO is a wireless, embedded, timecode sync solution for GoPro. Simply clip it to the back of a GoPro to enable HERO4 Black and Silver cameras to generate their own frame-accurate timecode, producing a timecoded MP4 file at source. This creates the capability to wirelessly timecode sync multiple GoPros, and GoPros with procameras and pro audio devices over Timecode Systems’ long-range BLINK RF network. As a result, productions can now treat GoPro footage exactly the same as that captured using a more traditional large-scale professional camera.


Timecode sync GoPros with pro cameras and pro audio devices: When docked with a SyncBac PRO, GoPros integrate perfectly into a Timecode Systems production workflow. This means they can timecode sync with any professional camera and audio equipment using a :pulse, :wave or :minitrx+ unit for timecode, using Timecode Systems’ robust BLINK RF network.

Multi camera control: By connecting the SyncBac PRO to the BLINK Hub dashboard via a Timecode Systems :pulse, production teams can remotely control and monitor multiple GoPros from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, Mac® or PC. This is a great way to maximize a GoPro’s battery life when it’s gear-mounted or not easily accessible.

A flawless fit for the GoPro HERO4: The SyncBac PRO neatly clips to the HERO4 Black and Silver cameras via the HERO Bus 30 pin port, with no requirement for external connectors. This keeps the GoPro as small and light as possible and ensures full compatibility with HERO4 standard BacPac backdoor housings.

A swift and cost-effective edit: The single MP4 file can be uploaded into the chosen editing package (AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere PRO are all compatible) in the same way as media captured by large-scale, professional broadcast cameras and audio devices.