Strongbox VM


StrongBox VM (virtual machine) delivers all the power of our flagship StrongBox appliance without dedicated hardware. StrongBox VM can be set up and running in an hour. 

StrongBox VM is a storage gateway solution that provides protected nearline and archive storage for unstructured data. By combining flash, disk, and LTFS tape into a streamlined, cost-effective storage solution, StrongBox VM helps you protect data on-site, off-site, or in the cloud. A simple addition to VMWare ESXi servers, StrongBox VM enables organizations to quickly create file and object-based shared storage that supports local, off-site, and distributed models without the requirement of dedicated hardware.

As a virtual machine, StrongBox VM enables you to take advantage of storage hardware you already own, eliminating additional hardware and maintenance expenses. Turn an existing tape library into a NAS for nearline and archive storage. Or, use StrongBox VM as a gateway to replicate data off-site or to the cloud, no local tape required. StrongBox VM is perfect for businesses that need simple data management at the most efficient cost. 


  • Eliminate additional hardware maintenance expenses while reducing your storage costs. StrongBox VM reduces the cost of storage expansion and defers additional hardware expenses by leveraging what you already own.
  • Through one simple point of management, StrongBox VM combines tape economics with the high-performance of disk. Download and install a trial version and experience the power of StrongBox. Storage has never been simpler.
  • Create as many data copies as needed with seamless off-site protection. Data protected with StrongBox can be removed from your backup cycles, which reduces the time and resources needed for structured data backups. 
  • Experience seamless data protection for distributed storage architectures or multi-site data centers. StrongBox VM is easy to deploy at remote offices, enabling transparent replication back to a central site or to the cloud for data protection and archiving.


Strongbox VM