Stornext Xcellis


Xcellis optimizes workflows, accelerates time to insight, and empowers organizations to do more with their data. 

 A powerful and scalable system that simplifies storage architecture and streamlines operations. Xcellis enhances workflows, boosts efficiency, improves productivity, and enables business insight.


  • Combines compute, client access, and storage to create an efficient and powerful core of a workflow storage solution.
  • Add storage arrays to scale from the smallest configurations to the largest with no forklift upgrades or extra accelerators.
  • Optimizes workflow efficiency and data access by enabling all clients access to the same data regardless of protocol, on a SAN or on a LAN.
  • Support for billions of files across up to 64 virtual file systems. Virtually unlimited capacity. Scale to hundreds of petabytes. Extend scalability even further using cloud, object storage, or tape.
  • 16Gb FC, 8Gb FC, 1Gb Ethernet, and 10Gb Ethernet.
  • Xcellis is designed to get the most
out of StorNext 5, the industry’s best data management system for high- performance, multi-tier, shared storage.
  • Built-in deployment, management, monitoring, and reporting for multiple systems from a single interface.