SpycerBox Ultra TL


SpycerBox Ultra TL offers all the assets of a powerful and compact storage solution in one unit.

Meet the new and distinctive storage solution from Rohde & Schwarz DVS, standing out for its high-density layout and cost effectiveness.

With its cost-effective price per TB, and its high performance, SpycerBox Ultra TL fits perfectly in any workflow, no matter if performance for compressed or uncompressed media is required. SpycerBox Ultra TL is perfect for nearline or cold archive solutions, with up to 1.5 GB/s of sustained performance, allowing it to play up to realtime 4K uncompressed, or several 4K compressed streams, without dropping a single frame.


  • High performance nearline for mid-term archive.
  • Supports uncompressed and compressed formats up to 4K.
  • High density with 48 disks, SAN and NAS server in 4U chassis.
  • Low entry-level pricing.
  • Extensive monitoring of whole infrastructure.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • Performance upgrade available up to 4K uncompressed.
  • 48 hot-swap top load 3.5’’ HDD bays in a 4U 19" rackmount chassis.
  • Two-piece top cover to maintain HDDs independently.
  • Full travel ball-bearing rails to support on-site maintenance.
  • Sturdy chassis structure with user-friendly side handles.
  • Modular backplane tray design for easy maintenance.