Spectra TFinity ExaScale


Spectra Logic libraries offer you unsurpassed storage density and minimal footprint through a unique and highly efficient design

Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library is the world’s largest single storage system and the world’s largest storage complex, offering unsurpassed storage density and the smallest footprint that delivers a 50 percent reduction in data center floor space through a highly efficient three-dimensional tape storage design utilizing roving TeraPacks in place of individual tape cartridges.

Designed to address the needs of organizations with exponential data growth, such as media and entertainment, high performance computing and traditional IT, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale provides customers with performance, reliability and flexibility at a lower price point.


  • Customize your new TFinity ExaScale front panels. Just like the plentiful features in the TFinity ExaScale, the graphical possibilities are almost infinite.
  • Space-saving design. High-density architecture. Seamless scalability. All of these combine to produce the highest capacity, most scalable tape library in the world. Customers with vast storage requirements can effortlessly store just over an Exabyte (EB) of data in a single tape library.
  • The TFinity ExaScale establishes a new standard in tape cartridge handling technology with the redesign of the robotics used to manipulate media. Called the High Performance Transporter (HPT), this elegant and well-built robotic picker delivers superior reliability, performance and flexibility. And each tape library contains two for dual operations.
  • Simplified, reliable management tools allow you to focus on the business of managing data, not worrying about how and where to store it. Features such as Media Lifecycle Management, Drive and Library Lifecycle Management, Data Integrity Verification, Integrated Encryption, Power Monitoring, and many other features work harmoniously to deliver a new definition of “top-of-the-line” tape library
  • Built to meet your current tape technology requirements, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale expands easily with slots and drives to keep up with your future data growth. Its exclusive tri-media configuration eliminates vendor lock-in and enables you to migrate or integrate tape technologies that offer the lowest cost per gigabyte.


Spectra TFinity ExaScale