Sony SxS PRO X Memory Card




120GB, 240GB SxS PRO X Series Memory Card. 

Ultra-Fast Transfer Speed up to 10 Gps (1,250 MB/s)
Using the PCI Express 3.0 advanced interface and Sony's newly developed unique intelligent controller delivers 3 x faster ingest time compared to current versions. In combination with the new SBAC-T40 reader writer, the PRO X transfers 240-GB video content to a computer in approximately 3.5 minutes, which greatly improves workflow efficiency for professionals.

Stable 4K video capture of high bit rate
EB streaming technology, which enables constant two-way communication between cards and Sony camcorders, ensures a stable high frame rate recording, while avoiding speed degradation. Capable of recording up to 45 minutes of XAVC 4K 60p (600 Mbps) footage in a 240-GB card with compatible Sony camcorders, such as VENICE.

Proven Reliability for Professionals
Continuously verified through strict inspections and various quality-assurance tests on the manufacturing process as the best trusted professional memory cards.

Memory Media Utility
Sony's application software, Memory Media Utility, allows you to manage SxS memory cards with features such as the library function, remaining media lifetime/capacity indicator, simultaneous data back-up to three locations, and quick/full formatting.

Robustness and durability
Passed a variety of stringent durability tests. Provides a high standard of reliability to meet the specific requirements of professional users, even under extreme shooting conditions. 


SBP-120F   120GB
SBP-240F   240GB