Sony LTO 3 Data Cartridge


Sony LTO 400GB Ultrium3 Data Cartridge

High-density recording with low error rate:

Sony raised the S/N ratio further to optimize performance for high-density recording using MR heads. Output is boosted and noise reduced by employing the latest weather-resistant ultra-fine magnetic material with high packing density on a newly designed base film surface featuring improved smoothness.

The dedicated servo writer that Sony developed for the LTO format provides a high-quality magnetic servo signal, which complements the enhanced performance of the tape itself. The result is significantly improved data writing and reading accuracy.

As in LTO1 and LTO2, the LTO3 cartridge incorporates a robust non-contact 4KB IC memory. This not only accelerates file access, but also markedly speeds up cartridge access in library environments.

For quicker backup and cost efficiency, LTO3 offers ultra-high- speed 80MB/s native and 160MB/s compressed data transfer.


  • Ideal for data-intensive backup and archiving in network and high-end servers, LTO3 provides a storage capacity of 400GB (native) and a transfer rate of 80MB/s (native).
  • Cleaning Tape: LTXCL


LTX400GN (LTO 3 Data Cartridge)