Sony LTO 6 Data Cartridge


Sony LTO 2.5TB Ultrium6 Data Cartridge

To deliver its LTO6 media with outstanding performance and reliability, Sony has developed various technology innovations.

Improved reel structure to enhance tape to head interface
Sony's technology improvements significantly increase the stability of the rotating tape reel which enables stable, high-speed linear tape motion, necessary to realize the higher capacity and increased transfer speed of LTO6 media. 

Enhanced servo signal accuracy and improved linear tape motion
Enhanced servo writing technology and improved linear tape motion enables narrower tracks to be written and read accurately, resulting in higher recording density. Sony additionally conducts 100% servo signal quality testing.

Improved binder system for more stable operation
To provide enhanced tape durability and reliability, Sony LTO6 is manufactured with super-fine particles and a higher thermal stability binder. In order to maximize performance, an improved dispersing technology for these particles was introduced. The improved, robust magnetic layer can withstand more than tens of thousands of drive passes providing the user with stable and smooth operation under various environmental conditions.


  • High storage capacity: 2.5TB native, 6.25TB compressed
  • Transfer rate: 160MB/s native, 400MB/s compressed
  • Ideal to back up, restore and archive large applications
  • Enhanced reliability and performance thanks to new technology innovations
  • Doubled capacity of the robust, noncontact IC Memory: 16KB (2X the capacity of the previous generation) to feature high-speed data search and improved data management in libraries
  • Partitioning functionality enabling capabilities that can help enhance file control and space management
  • The ideal solution for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels


LTX2500GN (LTO 6 Data Cartridge)