Sony LTO 7 Data Cartridge


LTO7 is economically the perfect solution to store large amounts of archival data in the long term. With its high capacity, the cartridge is designed to retain its archival quality for up to 30 years supported by Sony’s proven technology in magnetic tape production industry.

Enhanced coating technology features smoother film tape surface and enables narrower tracks (LTO7 @ 3584 tracks vs 2176 tracks for LTO6) to be written and read accurately, resulting in higher recording density (LTO7 @ 485kbits/inch vs 385kbits/inch for LTO6).

Reel design was enhanced to realise the same level of stability at high speed tape running as for LTO6.

Sony’s technology expertise and extensive history in developing media and professional tape formats contribute to high durability and high reliability of LTO7 media.

The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) makes viewing and accessing tape files easier than ever before. LTFS works in conjunction with LTO tape technology for ease of use and portability for open systems tape storage. With LTFS, one partition holds the content and the other holds the content’s index, so the tape can be self-describing to improve archive management. With the operating system’s graphical file manager and directory tree, utilising data on an LTO Ultrium tape cartridge is as easy as dragging and dropping the file. Backward compatibility is defined by the LTO consortium.
2 prior generations for reading and 1 prior generation for writing.


  • Capacity: 6TB native, 15TB* compressed
  • Transfer rate: 300MB/s native, 750MB/s* compressed
  • Coating technology: Sony’s newly developed original technology which passed LTO7 Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) qualification
  • Non-contact IC Memory of 16KB to feature high-speed data search and improved data management in libraries
  • Partitioning enabling capabilities that can help enhance file control and space management
  • The ideal solution for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels
  • First class Sony services : Labelling, European technical Centre, Tape media health analysis
  • Lifetime Guarantee**


*Compression ratio 2.5 :1 **Media estimated lifetime to be advised by Sony. This guarantee applies on products purchased as of 2005 in EEA countries, Russia and Turkey. For complete Lifetime Guarantee conditions please refer to www.pro.sony.eu/ storage-media, Storage Media services section.



LTX6000GN (LTO 7 Data Cartridge)