Panasonic P2 Card F-Series




Panasonic P2 Card F-Series Economic Card

The F Series P2 card contains a flash memory error correction system, which is equivalent to RAID system, which greatly strengthen the data retention reliability. When used with the Panasonic P2 Drives, the F series P2 cards can transfer up to 1.2 Gbps, which is faster than most professional solid-state memory cards offered by other manufacturers.

Additionally, P2 cards offer dependable performance during recording in all types of environments, as well as instant access and complete data compatibility in all P2 camcorders and workflow tools.


  • With four SD cards packaged into one, the P2 card offers four times the data storage capacity and four times the transfer speed of the SD card.
  • Up to 64GB P2 card is available and it achieves a long recording time.
  • Complies with the Type-II PC Card Standard (Card Bus) for direct plug-in to the PC card slot of a laptop PC.
  • Highly reliable, solid-state memory resists shock, vibration, and temperature changes.
  • Ensures a long service life with repeated recording and initialization.
  • An individual serial number, bar code, and write-protect switch ensure strict security.
  • The P2 card transfers data at a high speed up to 1.2 Gbps.


AJ-P2E060FG (60GB)
AJ-P2E030FG (30GB)