OZO + Camera


OZO is the first Virtual Reality camera system specifically designed for professional production.

The award-winning OZO was expertly crafted with a purpose-built for VR design to support and enable the global VR community of creators who want to make emotional connections with audiences through the most powerful sense of presence imaginable. The next evolution of OZO camera has arrived, introducing OZO+.

Delivering the most immersive VR experiences possible in gorgeous 4K Per Eye, Stereo and true-to-life full spatial audio with OZO Audio, OZO+ delivers a generational leap in image quality as well as evolutionary VR capability through depth capture and delivery.

OZO software is included with the OZO Camera, the OZO Software Suite enables remote control and monitoring of the camera with OZO Remote, post-production asset management prep with simple-yet-powerful stitching options with OZO Creator, and preview playback of captured content with OZO Preview.

OZO Remote

OZO Remote gives you complete wireless control over your camera on-set or in the field. You can control camera settings, and monitor in real-time all eight of OZO’s lenses, or a single lens at a time. OZO’s exclusive, interactive Real-Time Monitoring feature allows directors like you get the shot right the first time. Use with an Oculus Rift CV-1 headset to get real-time, interactive feedback of cast performances.

OZO Creator

OZO Creator is a powerful, easy-to-use VR creation tool that seamlessly integrates with professional tools and workflows to deliver the most professional looking stitched content while dramatically reducing the time, complexity, and cost of professional VR production. In addition to next-generation image quality for VR via OZO's ISP, OZO Creator enables realityunlocking VR capabilities of today and tomorrow alike through exporting depth maps for 3DVFX compositing, mixed-reality experiences and more.

OZO Preview

OZO Preview allows you to preview camera-original rendered OZO files and provides an easy way for creative teams to review dailies and rough cuts together that have been edited, post-produced, mixed, and sweetened using industry standard tools - all at your fingertips

OZO Live

OZO Live is a real-time broadcast solution that delivers live virtual reality experiences over IP. The software runs on standard reference hardware, delivers a standard UHD or 2K video output, and integrates seamlessly with your existing 4K broadcast equipment. Select monoscopic 2D or stereoscopic 3D and use standard switchers, color correctors, audio mixers, and other support gear for a full production workflow. Quick to set up, easy to use, and highly reliable, OZO Live immerses you in an event as if it's happening around you.


  • Crafted by Nokia Technologies, OZO combines the ultimate in engineering capabilities and intelligent design to offer you the best Virtual Reality production experience.
  • No more complex multi-camera rigs: this is the first Virtual Reality device to capture 360° spherical video and 360x360 surround sound, with the elegant workflow professionals need.
  • See and hear everything OZO captures via the unique Virtual Reality monitor output, providing directors real-time interactive feedback of cast performances.
  • Each interchangeable Digital Cartridge provides 45 minutes of recording time, and saves all video and audio to a single file – rather than a handful of SD cards. Capturing 360° spherical video and 360x360 surround sound with unique interactive monitoring, OZO increases both the quality and efficiency of Virtual Reality production.
  • Combining directional 360x360 surround sound with 360° spherical video coverage. OZO mirrors how we see and hear.
  • Real-time monitoring and wireless control software simultaneously displays all camera viewpoints, and allows precise sensor adjustments on the fly.



  • Camera
  • Digital Cartridge
  • T6 Tool
  • SFP+ Co-Axial Connector
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Supplies
  • Small Tripod Adaptor
  • Docking Station + USB