Nexto NSB-25 Update


Latest firmware update for NSB-25

* NVS2825 ( http://www.nextodi.com/support/view.php?bbs=en_download&id=182)

1. Added support for Canon XF-AVC 12bit RGB 444
2. Fixed compatibility with Canon XF-AVC 8bit
3. Minor bug fix.


* NVS2801 P (http://www.nextodi.com/support/view.php?bbs=en_download&id=183)

1. Added Update(incremental copy) function.
2. Added support for Canon XF-AVC 12bit RGB 444
3. Fixed compatibility with Canon XF-AVC 8bit
4. Minor bug fix.


* NSB-25 (http://www.nextodi.com/support/view.php?bbs=en_download&id=180)

1. Added support for Canon XF-AVC 12bit RGB 444
2. Fixed compatibility with Canon XF-AVC 8bit
3. Added support for ARRI RAW footage(mxf) from Alexa mini
4. Added [Prev/Next] menu during preview.
5. Change the "NsbData" folder name to the user assigned name during the 'Folder Rename' menu.
6. Minor bug fix.


* V1.51 (2016.6.20)

- Added support for USB powered backup operation.

- Users can use their USB power bank to power ND2901.

- Bug fix on [Update] function.

- ND2901 might generate error during the copy if a photo file is deleted from the memory card and directopry is added to that memory card from the computer.


* V1.30 (2016.1.18)

1. Added Incremental Copy('Update') function. Copy added footage only.

-> See [NSB-25_Incrmental_Copy.pdf] included in the package for detail.

2. Added support for RED RAW Thumb file. Show Thumbnails of RED footage.

3. Show both ‘elapsed’ and ‘remaining’ time of copy or verification.

4. Shorten the show up time of thumbnail view.

5. Preliminary support for preview of ARRI RAW footage from Alexa mini.(4K Pack version only)

6. Bug fix. Random freeze of 4K Pack Transcode window after the transcode.(4K Pack version only)


* V1.22 (2015.11.4)

1. Minor improvement on SATA3 HDD compatibility.

- Fixed verify error with some SATA3 drives.


* V1.21 (2015.10.5)

1. Added support for Samsung brand Seagate 2TB internal HDD.

2. Added support for 4K sector size external USB HDDs

-> Most of 3.5’ USB hard drive

-> See [NSB-25. Recommended HDD 2015_10.pdf] for details

3. Support for SxS adapter from SONY for SD card and MemoryStick

4. Added support for USB3.0 module for supporting Codex USB3.0 Dock.

5. LCD power save mode during file copy for extended battery use. Approx 7% more save.

6. Time period selection for Transcoding(4Kpack only)

7. Minor bugs happens when the drive is almost full.


* V1.20 (2015.7.31)

- Bug fix for the [Folder Rename]. Changed folder name was not applied correctly when [Copy & Verify] selected.

- Fixed USB HDD compatibility issue with WesternDigital 2.5' Pass port USB HDD

- Depending on the HDD, NSB-25 occasionally issue false verify error during the verification process.

- Added support for the AVC Ultra Long GOP

- Time code display position changed.


* V1.05 (2015.5.8)

- Added support for Backup Folder Rename.(upto 16 char)

- Added support for Panasonic AVC-Ultra 4K.

- Improvement on Log history

- Fixed [Low Battery] related unstable operation.(false HDD failure)


* V1.04 (2015.3.30)

- Work around for Convergent design Odysssey.(drive capacity)

- DDR3 timing calibration.


* V1.03 (2015.3.12)

- Added support for QUASI playback of 2K video

--> Normal Playback : Play without Frame Drop (H.264 420 / MPEG2 420 / AVCHD / MPEG2 422 35M / XAVC 420)

--> QUASI Playback : Show 25~30 frame per second (MPEG2 422 50M / PRORES 2K)

--> Preview : Frame drop more than 10 frame per second (AVC-Intra / XAVC 422 / DNxHD / 4K footage)

- Added support for SONY AXSM

- Bug fix on Time Code. Supports both Drop Frame / Non Drop Frame Time code

- Minor bug on SSD detection


* V1.02A (2014.12.24)

- Bug Fix. NSB-25 freeze during the power up because of glich on the power.

- Added support for AVC Long GOP

- Added support for XAVC Long GOP


* V1.02 (2014.12.11)

- Initial release.

- Following features are added

1) Copy to single drive even if there are multiple drive connected.

2) Added time code support for MXF/MOV file.

3) Loop play option added. Relay play feature shall be enabled at next firmware.

- Following bug fixed

1) There were possibility NSB-25 frozen by the electrostatic shock during the boot.

2) Sound through the NSB-25 speaker was unstable


Click here to download http://www.nextodi.com/support/en_download.php


Nexto NSB-25