Monster Digital Overdrive TBT SSD w/ Thunderbolt




Monster Digital Overdrive TBT SSD w/ Thunderbolt 500/450 MB/s read/write, Brushed Stainless Steel with cable

As a professional with massive data demands you need the fastest file transfers and backups possible.

Monster Digital's OverDrive Thunderbolt delivers exactly that. With read/write speeds of 500/450 MB/s OverDrive Thunderbolt is up to 6x faster than typical Thunderbolt connected drives. Plus its solid-state technology is 10x more reliable than rotating hard drives so your files will always be there when you need them.

Wrapped around the drive is an integrated Thunderbolt cable so you'll always be able to connect and never be stuck without a cable. We engineered the drive to be very energy efficient so it won't drain your laptop battery like a traditional rotating drive and since there are no moving parts there are no worries if you drop it.

Get the extra storage and high performance you need with the high capacity, super fast, OverDrive Thunderbolt external SSD by Monster Digital.


  • Overdrive Thunderbolt is nearly 6x faster
  • 500/450MB/s read/write
  • Energy Efficient - Thunderbolt Powered
  • No external power needed
  • 500g impact resistant
  • Integrated 250mm Thunderbolt Cable with Press to release catch
  • LED Data transfer indicator
  • Laser Etched Stainless Steel enclosure small form factor travels easily
  • Includes protective soft cloth pouch
  • Enterprise class durability


SSDOT-1000-E (1TB)
SSDOT-0480-E (480GB)
SSDOT-0240-E (240GB)