A simple, cost-efficient multi-camera sync solution 

Super compact and offering multiple mounting options, the :minitrx+ works just as well on a DSLR as more traditional, large scale film and broadcast cameras. It’s the perfect timecode partner to a :wave or :pulse on a multi-camera shoot.

The :minitrx+ is the smallest timecode, genlock and word clock generator on the market, but it’s not just its proportions that make it stand out. As a BLINK enabled device, when used in combination with a :pulse or :wave, you can remotely view, monitor and control multiple :minitrx+ units from any smartphone, tablet or computer, making it a great solution for multi-camera shoots.


BLINK RF: Synchronisation between units is via BLINK RF - a wireless long-range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol operating in the uncongested range of 865MHz to 923MHz. This ensures complete reliability, wherever you are, and zero drift between units even on a long and complicated shoot day.

User-friendly features: Measuring just 29mm x 44mm x 70mm and weighing only 138g, the :minitrx+ is perfectly proportioned to attach to any camera. An aluminium anodised bracket connector block with multiple quarter-inch threaded mounting holes and a detachable hot- shoe mount allows for a solid and flexible mounting solution.

Battery back-up: The Li-Polymer internal battery is constantly charged from the hirose 9-24V socket or the 5V USB socket and is designed to run the unit for up to 12 hours with RF and gunlock turned on and up to 16 hours with RF turned on and genlock turned off.

BLINK Hub: Use in conjunction with a :wave or :pulse to connect to the BLINK Hub production dashboard. This unlocks the advanced capability to view, monitor and control multiple :minitrx+ units centrally from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or computer