Media Shuttle


Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that allows media professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. Consolidate and track all your file movement while gaining speed, security and control in one elegant, easy to use, cloud-based solution.


The EASIEST way to send large files
Sending files with Media Shuttle is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto a web page. It’s so intuitive that your users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation.

Sending large files over long distances is very slow with other technologies. By practically eliminating latency and effectively utilizing available bandwidth, Media Shuttle’s proven file acceleration technology speeds up transfers over public and private networks up to 200 times faster than standard methods (such as FTP).

NO file size LIMITS
With Media Shuttle you don’t have to worry about shipping hard drives, compressing files or breaking them into smaller files. Media Shuttle allows you to send any size file, anywhere, fast.

Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart, which automatically retries or resumes failed transfers. You’ll also receive email notifications when files have been downloaded, so you’ll never have to guess if your files went through.

Consolidate into a SINGLE SOLUTION
Consolidate all your file transfer needs into one simple solution. Media Shuttle supports person-to-person transfers, file sharing and workflow onramps. Keep track of all your file movement and users in one place.


Media Shuttle