The media focused private and hybrid platform built on Digital Content Governance (DCG) and object storage technology.

The Integrated Private Cloud Storage Platform.

MatrixStore is an object based storage software platform that has been implemented by the world's largest media companies to keep their digital information available at all times in a highly protected nearline or archive workflows. MatrixStore provides a secure, scalable and searchable repository for all your digital assets. MatrixStore is more than just a file system, it provides a proven digital content governance that supports both internal and external business rules and puts your content where you need it, when you need it.

Such is the flexibility and reliability of MatrixStore it can be used across multiple workflows and departments within those organisations.

Since 2006 MatrixStore has been protecting digital content for national broadcasters, post facilities, production, VFX and utility companies, banks, content delivery networks, VOD providers, content creators and global content distributors.


  • AI-Ready enabling automated workflows
  • Built in disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Brings financial savings and reduced operational overhead
  • Consolidates silos of storage
  • Future proof platform that supports multiple media workflows
  • Enables the all archive assets to be monetised
  • Reduces management overheads and processes
  • Enables global collaboration with internal
    and external teams