Karma Grip Extension Cable (Still Available)


Mount your Karma Stabilizer separately from the grip for maximum versatility and performance.

Capture unbelievably smooth, pro-quality footage by extending your Karma Grip. The Karma Grip Extension Cable provides 35in (89cm) of extension, allowing you to wear the grip and stabilizer separately for more comfortable body mounting on the go. Mount the grip within easy reach and use it as a wired remote or stash it away. The result is maximum versatility and performance.


  • Separate the Stabilizer & Grip: Mount the Karma Stabilizer on its own to create ultra versatile mounting setups. Use the grip as a wired remote to control your GoPro and change your capture angle when the stabilizer is mounted out of reach.

  • Comfortable Body Mounting: Detach the grip and wear the stabilizer separately for more comfortable helmet and chest mounts.1 Attach the grip to your backpack strap or belt, or stash it away.

  • Coiled Cable: Easily extends to full 35in (89cm) length, but coils tightly for easy storage and cable management.