Jellyfish Tower


Jellyfish Tower is available in 4 different sizes.

80TB = 80TB raw / 53TB Avail.

120TB = 120TB raw / 79TB Avail.

160TB = 160TB raw / 106TB Avail.

200TB = 200TB raw / 132TB Avail.

raw = Manufacturers stated disk capacity

Avail. = Capacity after parity (Virtual RAID5), overhead, performance buffer.


Server room power, in a cool and silent tower.

Take the performance of a rack-mounted server and remove the server room, noisy fans, IT department, tens of thousands of dollars, and the A/C bill that comes with traditional shared storage. And you have the Jellyfish Tower. The first of its kind, our scalable tower lives quietly under your desk and can be running your work group within an hour of receiving it.

The Jellyfish App, included with your purchase of any Jellyfish allows your team to quickly connect to the server and get to work. Perfect for full time users as well as occasional users who need temporary access for a project. 


  • Maximum READ: 4400 MB/s.
  • Maximum WRITE: 2000 MB/s.
  • Every Jellyfish Tower can connect up to 3 Jellyfish Mobile Expansion chassis of any capacity for up to 800TB Storage.
  • Weight: Approximately 70 lbs.