Jellyfish Rack


Jellyfish Rack is available in 4 different sizes.

80TB = 80TB raw / 53TB Avail.

120TB = 120TB raw / 79TB Avail.

160TB = 160TB raw / 106TB Avail.

200TB = 200TB raw / 132TB Avail.

raw = Manufacturers stated disk capacity

Avail. = Capacity after parity (Virtual RAID5), overhead, performance buffer.


Server room required, IT department optional.

Don't be fooled by its shape, just because it fits nicely in a rack doesn't mean you need to be a networking wizard to operate it. The Jellyfish Rack is just as plug and play as its counterparts but is even more expandable.

The Jellyfish App, included with your purchase of any Jellyfish allows your team to quickly connect to the server and get to work. Perfect for full time users as well as occasional users who need temporary access for a project. In addition to finding, connecting, and mounting to your Jellyfish, the app tunes your computer's network settings to achieve maximum bandwidth so your Jellyfish is blazing fast.

If you're on a Mac the Jellyfish can be browsed and searched using Spotlight. No more clicking through layers and layers of custom browsers to get to your footage and libraries. 


  • Maximum READ: 4400 MB/s.
  • Maximum WRITE: 2000 MB/s.
  • Weight: Approximately 70 lbs.
  • Full interoperability between MacOS, Windows, & Linux
  • Optimized for FCPX, Premiere, AVID, Resolve, Motion, After Effects, Audition, Pro Tools, Logic.