IBM LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge


IBM LTO Ultrium 7 6TB (38L7302) Data Cartridge

IBM LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge offers more than double the storage capacity of previous generations for long-term data preservation that provides security as it sustains rapid, reliable access to data and helps ensure business resilience. Today’s rapid data growth compounds the need for increased storage capacity. The seventh generation of LTO Ultrium tape media delivers 6 TB native capacity and up to 15 TB of compressed capacity for significantly greater efficiency and performance. This exceptional capacity helps reduce the number of cartridges and the amount of equipment, space and labor associated with tape-based data storage.


  • Ensure optimal data security. 
  • Increase efficiency and performance. 
  • Enhance data access.
  • Tape cartridge portability. 
  • IBM Spectrum Archive support. 
  • Adherence to Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 7 standard.