IBM Enterprise 3592 Tape Cartridge


Gen 4 10TB
Gen 3 4TB
Gen 2 700GB
Gen 1 300GB


High-capacity tape media designed for reliability

Today's enterprise data centers face unprecedented data protection challenges. They must satisfy increasing demands for data retention, security and availability while contending with reduced budgets. IBM 3592 tape cartridges were developed to help enterprise data centres address these challenges.

For administrators who require rapid data access or who are looking to lower media costs, IBM offers two different sizes of 3592 tape cartridges. The IBM economy cartridge offers the same quality and benefits as our standard length cartridges but in shorter length. This shorter length cartridge are less expensive and enable faster seek times.

Data enables innovation, it enables growth and it helps gain competitive advantage. Failure to safeguard data can lead to business disruption, lost productivity, negative customer satisfaction, and penalties from regulatory violations. The cartridge utilizes thick plastics, ultrasonic welding techniques and tamper-proof screws to provide protection against accidental damage. And the media uses a uniform, ultra-smooth magnetic layer with a refined coating to improve media reliability, increase performance and minimize tape head wear.


  • Media reuse and up formatting 
  • Eliminates the need to change media when upgrading your tape drives
  • Increases capacity without changing media or increasing library size
  • Offers investment protection 
  • Reinforced cartridge 
  • Safeguards against accidental drops
  • Helps protect your data
  • Partitioning/IBM Linear Tape File System
  • Can eliminate middleware and reduce tape management costs
  • Improves usability by displaying the data stored on the tape in a file tree structure
  • Opens new opportunities for leveraging tape technology in entertainment, manufacturing and medical environments 
  • Virtual backhitch support
  • Improves performance for small file reads/writes
  • Helps reduce media wear 
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Enables users to address security concerns by writing encrypted data to tape
  • Is compatible across all TS1120 and newer tape drives 
  • High-resolution tape directory
  • Allows high-speed search
  • Increases system performance by retrieving data faster 
  • Superior reliability
  • To meet the rigorous standards of enterprise data centers, the IBM 3592 tape cartridge features a memory chip that stores performance and usage records. These records are used to proactively determine whether the tape needs to be replaced.
  • Enhanced data security
  • The IBM 3592 tape cartridge is designed to protect your data with features such as write-once-read-many (WORM) cartridges, encryption and the ability in conjunction with the tape drive  to monitor cartridge life. These capabilities work together to help ensure that stored data is secure from loss or corruption.
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting System (SARS)
  • Tape drive monitors cartridge life and usage
  • Helps eliminate data loss due to cartridge failure
  • Provides increased data protection 
  • Scaled media 
  • Provides the ability to use a standard tape in a rapid access mode
  • Economy cartridge
  • Provides faster access to data by reducing the length of the media 
  • Reduces cost of ownership through a lower cost per cartridge
  • Data safe mode 
  • Provides WORM-like protection using a standard 3592 cartridge


2727263 (Gen 4 10TB)
46X7452 (Gen 3 4TB)
23R9830 (Gen 2 700GB)
18P7534 (Gen 1 300GB)