High Performance Direct Access Tape. 

HyperTape, a new breed of tape-based storage is powered by StorageDNA's dynamic tape file system dnaLTFS. It creates 100% open LTFS LTO tapes, while adding a unique ability to provide direct access to data - without restores. Now applications can access content on tape for tasks such as transcoding, ingest, QC and even lo-res to hi-res conforming. 


  • Works with Finder - tape appears as a volume, drag files on & off tape at 300 MB/s using OS level tools. 
  • Makes parking easier - consolidate or archive direct to tape using native Avid, Adobe, FCP or Resolve tools. 
  • Powers 4K conforming - enables lo-res/hi-res workflows whereby apps can relink & conform 4K files direct from LTO. 
  • Eliminates Plugins - catalog clips on tape using your favourite MAM. Just drag them in. 
  • Direct link & ingest - allows operations like ingesting dailies direct from tape using favourite transcode apps. 
  • Partial restore & more - sub-clip or transcode partial files directly from LTO back to disk using existing application tools.