HP Depth Adjustable Fixed Rail Rack Kit Z200, Z220, Z400, Z420


The HP Depth Adjustable Fixed Rail Rack Kit includes fixed-rails, a locking tray, and system adapter brackets. The fixed rails provide a stable platform for rack mounting and attach to the server rack using the provided hardware kit. The locking tray attaches to the workstation using captive screws and the system adapter bracket specific to your application. Simply slide the workstation into the rack so the fixed-rails are held captive by the tray and secure using the outer-most captive screws. The tray features two catches, located underneath the workstation, for added safety.

The HP Depth Adjustable Fixed Rail Rack Kit is suitable for the following racks:

     HP Series-E
     Compaq 10000 Series Rack
     May work on other third party racks

The depth adjustable rails can be mounted at any height. The kit includes mounting hardware that will allow you to rack-mount your workstation in the rack types listed above. The kit includes left and right mounting flanges that are attached to the workstation after removing the plastic foot and top cover. The inner slide members also attach to the workstation, and then it is inserted into the outer slide (which is attached to the rack), and secured with 4 screws (two for each flange).


WH340AA (Depth Adjustable Fixed Rail Rack Kit)