HP Adjustable Flush Mount Rail Kit Z600, Z620 & Z800, Z820


The Z6/Z8 Rack Mount kit offers flexibility in mounting options for the workstation - the system can be installed in the standard position, or flush with the front of the rack for improved space utilization.

This product is compatible with the following HP hardware:

HP Z400 Workstation series
HP Z400 Workstation
HP Z420 Workstation

HP Z600 Workstation series
HP Z600 Workstation
HP Z600 Workstation (ENERGY STAR)
HP Z600 Workstation Bundle
HP Z620 Workstation
HP Z620 Workstation (ENERGY STAR)
HP Z620 Workstation Base Unit
HP Z640 Workstation
HP Z640 Workstation (ENERGY STAR)

HP Z800 Workstation series
HP Z800 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation
HP Z820 Workstation (ENERGY STAR)
HP Z820 Workstation Base Unit
HP Z840 Workstation (ENERGY STAR)


B8S55AA (Adjustable Flush Mount Rail Kit)