EasyLTO with SmartBackup is revolutionizing the way content professionals power and protect their creative projects

In a world of tapeless formats and large digital assets, data security is everything. The demand for efficient cold storage of assets has grown and LTO has emerged as the standard of choice.

The fact is almost every business requires a backup and archiving strategy, it's only cost and complexity that prevent most from investing in the protection of their assets. LTO tape drives are easily sourced but the choice of software to run them is limited and most people complain about the user experience. The other significant limitation is that a locally attached LTO is not a shared resource and is incapable of being used over a network.

Introducing Easy LTO, the network attached all in one backup and archiving solution designed for everybody. Incredibly intuitive and easy to work, Easy LTO also comes with an amazingly low price point.

GB Labs has leveraged 7 years of LTO experience to bring a brand new product to the market... Easy LTO. This latest platform offers an appliance level device with an easy to use interface on top of powerful software to offer high speed archiving and backup in one convenient and portable unit.

With the LTO 7 model users can benefit from up to 6TB of uncompressed data on a single tape, with transfer rates up to 300MB/s... Start with 6TB and then keep building your tapesets as big as you like.

Snapshot backup is built-in and allows you to keep an ongoing automated backup of your most important systems. Create a backup tapeset and add tapes as required.

Archiving is fast and secure and the inclusion of TAR and LTFS mean this little powerhouse can exchange files with almost any other LTO system.



  • LTO Manager Software
  • Support for LTO 6 or LTO 7 
  • Internal storage options
  • Dual 10Gb/1gb Ethernet RJ45