Fujifilm HDCAM HD331 - Small


6 minutes
12 minutes
22 minutes
32 minutes
40 minutes


Fujifilm Digital HD Videocassette - Small

HDCAM systems are high-definition digital broadcasting systems that use 1/2 inch metal tape. They are expected to gain wide acceptance as the system of choice for next-generation HDTV broadcasting.

Fujifilm's HD331 videocassettes offer the high output and low noise that high quality HDTV broadcasting demands.

Cassette lids are constructed of anti-static resin to keep dust and dirt out and ensure that the dropout count and error rate do not rise. Hard cases feature dustproof construction that keeps the tape clean during storage. In addition, individual supports on the inside of the case secure the reels and cassette shell to provide added protection against impact and vibration.

Distinctive two-tone colour scheme with an olive-coloured shell and orange lid allows cassettes to be instantly distinguished from Betacam, Betacam SP and Digital Betacam videocassettes. The same colour scheme is used for the hard cases to prevent cassettes from accidentally being stored in the wrong cases.


  • Super calendering technology for high C/N and a low error rate
  • Stable tape transport and high durability even under the extreme demands of ENG/EFP
  • Reels offer superior winding characteristics
  • Superior storage characteristics keep image archives safe during long term storage


HD3316S (6 minutes)
HD33112S (12 minutes)
HD33122S (22 minutes)
HD33132S (32 minutes)
HD33140S (40 minutes)