Fujifilm Digital Betacam D321 - Large


34 minutes
64 minutes
94 minutes
124 minutes


Fujifilm Digital Betacam Videocassette - Large

Fujifilm D321 is the professional's choice for top-flight Digital Betacam system performance.

Ultra-fine metal magnetic particles that are approximately 20% smaller than those used in Fujifilm Betacam SP tapes are densely packed together to achieve +2dB higher output. Our superior calendaring technology ensures a mirror-smooth surface for a high C/N ratio and low error rate during high-density digital recording.

Fujifilm D321 videocassettes offer the durability and transport stability that ENG/EFP professionals demand. Superior binder material provides high durability and improved magnetic particle adhesion, while high-quality back coating material ensures a low friction coefficient and stable tape transport - even during high-speed shuttle and other editing operations.


  • High output and low error rate for superior performance
  • Improved durability & transport stability
  • Innovative new hard case design 
  • Superior storage characteristics
  • Rugger hard case design


D32134L (34 minutes)
D32164L (64 minutes)
D32194L (94 minutes)
D321124L (124 minutes)