Flight is the only SaaS solution on the market that accelerates the movement of large files and data sets into and out of cloud storage. Automatically maintained and updated for you, Flight is easy to deploy, scales as needed, and works with Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and other leading cloud platforms.


FAST upload to and download from cloud storage
With Signiant Flight, you can now consider cloud storage for all kinds of time-sensitive use cases. Our patented acceleration technology uploads large files up to 200x faster than a standard transfer, providing immediate access to mission-critical data. With latency out of the picture, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud storage in a much broader range of applications.

EASY to deploy and use
Signiant Flight lets you start moving data to the cloud within minutes. Download a client app, connect to your cloud storage tenancy and start uploading – it’s that simple! Signiant Flight is a unique SaaS solution that removes the operational burden of deploying and maintaining software in the cloud. We handle that for you, and it’s all included in your subscription price.

The Signiant Flight solution provides automatic scaling and load balancing as your cloud payloads ebb and flow. Acceleration technology requires software and compute resources adjacent to the cloud storage, and we handle those things for you. Even for a huge bulk upload project and even from a new location anywhere in the world, there’s no need for your tech team to spin up new servers – Flight scales up automatically to meet the demand. Once again, it’s all included in the subscription price.

To get started with Signiant Flight, first determine how you want to use it. Flight is available for use with the Command Line Interface (CLI) or if you’re an existing Signiant Manager+Agents customer, you can use the Signiant Flight M+A Component to integrate into your Manager+Agents workflow.

MULTIPLE cloud platforms
Flight was built to be flexible, and that includes your choice of public cloud provider. Signiant offers the complete SaaS solution for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, with Google Cloud support coming soon. You’re free to commit to a single platform, mix and match for different applications, or make a change at any time. Your subscription covers them all.