Affordable, Energy Efficicient High Speed Nearline Archive

Back up Your Storage Network

Most nearline archive products on the market deliver large capacities. Many deliver excellent security. A few provide the speed for multi-stream read / write operations. A handful give you fast and affordable expansion. A minority allow virtually instant scaling over Ethernet networks. Only Space Echo gives you the lot.

Data security is essential. So is an instantly-available media archive. The scalable

Echo (Eco) can fulfil both roles in a state-of-the-art nearline solution. Housed locally or remotely, it can provide disaster recovery, replicating your entire tier 1 media assets. It’s also got the speed and capacity to hold your growing archive, giving users instant access to every file over standard Ethernet networks.

Echo is a fast nearline storage system for:

  • Fast data back-up
  • Disaster recovery
  • Secondary graphics storage
  • Online media archiving 

Cloud and Local Workflows

Additionally, Echo (Eco) is well suited to use in a cloud environment, either for remote point-to-point data replication, or as a secure, always available online sharedback-up. In local networks, Space Echo (Eco) can write data to four LTO drives concurrently at full speed using Space LTO for an unmatched archiving workflow.

Running GB Labs’ Core 3 OS, a comprehensive data toolset including a filemanager, notification center, automated backups, intelligent watch folders, dynamicsecurity settings, file replication, data offloading and media restoration is included asstandard.

Scalable Energy Efficent Storage

The new Echo is highly energy efficient which meansit is cooler running and moreaffordable than ever. From a single 3U chassis, Echo can host up-to 128TB – aconsiderable saving on rack space and energy usagecompared with multiple lowercapacity units. With dedicated expansion modules, Echo (Eco) can be increased to 2.3 Petabytes. This Eco version is up-to 45% more energy efficient than the previous model.


  • Key Feature: Fast storage with intelligent data management tools
  • Performance: Nearline system with the performance of a failover editing platform
  • Connectivity: 1Gb or optional 10Gb Ethernet
  • Capacities: 16TB, 32TB, 48TB, 64TB, 80TB or 96TB
  • Expansion & Scalability: Expand capacities with Space EX up-to 1.7PB