DNAfabric Disk, WAN, Cloud is a simple to deploy data management services platform that enables you to more effectively manage data across a multitude of storage tiers powered by smart analytics and visualization.


A scalable and clustered architecture allows data to be seamless synced across disk, wan and cloud. A centralized controller provides overall management while scalable data movers and indexers powers data management functions.


The DNAfabric controller provides a central point of job and metadata management via a web interface. It manages the central job DB, search noSQL DB and the analytics DB. These databases can be hosted across one or more virtual or physical servers locally or in the cloud. The controller can manage multiple data managers as scale is needed
WAN + Cloud Archive Manager 
The Disk, WAN, Cloud Data Manager is responsible for indexing and copying assets across WAN and cloud targets. It reports all data movement tasks, metadata and related disk hardware status to the controller. It additionally receives all job related actions from the controller. Multiple archive managers can be setup to seamlessly scale performance.

DNAfabric is licensed on a subscription based consumption only model. It is licensed by the amount of data moved or indexed tracked on a monthly incremental basis. For further details please contact us for more information.



  • Web based management.
  • Disk Copy & Sync.
  • Cloud or WAN Copy and Sync.
  • Index Engine. 
  • Metadata Engine. 
  • Search and Conform. 
  • Analytics Engine. 
  • Avid and Adobe.
  • Open Format. 
  • Cluster Scalability.