Codex Media Vault




From production to post, Media Vault is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution that provides huge advantages in terms of workflow efficiency and ease of collaboration.

As a workgroup device for video editing and more, Media Vault delivers a professional solution that can provide sustained high performance for multiple users.

Standard configuration with 4x10GbE ports for directly connected users,and options for additional ports at 10/25/40/50GbE, providing professional connections out of the box.

Enterprise grade disks for maximum reliability. Disks are thoroughly tested prior to installation to meet exacting performance standards. Stream files can be read at up to 1000 MB/s over a 10GbE network connection, meaning multi-user 4K workflows are possible – 4 clients can simultaneously read ProRes 4444 files at 4K resolution.

Software based RAID with 2-disk redundancy for only 20% storage overhead, giving maximal storage capacity without compromising data security.

Simple, intuitive browser-based interface for management tasks and monitoring system status. 


  • Sustained performance up to 1000 MB/s.
  • Performance allows for 4 ProRes 4444 streams at 4K.
  • 3-Year Warranty as standard (5-Year Warranty optional).
  • Compact footprint, and quiet enough to work alongside.
  • Best-in-class $/TB value (for pre-populated systems).
  • Quad 10GbE out of the box, with additional networking options.
  • Connect up to 8 clients without the requirement for a switch (10GbE RJ45 or SFP+).
  • Capacity points from 72TB to 168TB.
  • Software-based RAID with 2 disk redundancy.
  • Supplied with pre-tested Enterprise grade disks.
  • ZFS File-system. 


CX.0001021/1072   Media Vault Desktop NAS 72TB
CX.0001021/1120   Media Vault Desktop NAS 120TB
CX.0001021/1144   Media Vault Desktop NAS 144TB
CX.0001021/1168   Media Vault Desktop NAS 168TB