R&S CLIPSTER is the gold standard workstation for mastering and distributing feature films and episodic TV.

R&S CLIPSTER provides a foundation for post production vendors to build services upon. Supporting up to 4K120p, from a wide array of professional media file formats or baseband SDI, Clipster can support various stages of post production with it’s built in tools. R&S CLIPSTER can perform conforming, VTR Emulation, Non-linear editing, real-time video processing, advanced color format transformations, and even guide operators towards a reliable delivery with output wizards to a myriad of professional formats. Create Digital Cinema Packages, Interoperable Mastering Format Packages (IMF), AS11, and AS02 packages with quality, reliability and performance in R&S CLIPSTER. 

In addition to creation of files, R&S CLIPSTER also provides rock solid video playback for QC, review and approval, or playout to tape via SDI, Displayport, and HDMI with 16 channels of embedded SDI audio or 16 channels of AES/EBU.


  • Playout up to 4K 120p RGB 12 bit. 
  • Ingest up to 4K 60p YUV 422 10 bit.
  • Realtime Processing up to 4K 60p RGB 32 bit Float.
  • Fully integrated system platform for high reliability.
  • Consistent platform requires minimal configuration and low maintenance.
  • Engineered and performance tuned for wide variety of post production workflows.
  • Manufacturing warranty and long term availability for spare parts.