Bridge Your Fibre Storage Into the World of space

Space Bridge re-purposes existing Fibre Channel or SAS storage and 'bridges' it into the world of Space. Get all the benefits of attaching your existing storage to Ethernet networks and take advantage of the Space CORE v3 software. Bridge enables you to share data between storage units and collaborate amongst users without installing any client software or computer adapters. The user experience is much more satisfying than traditional SANs which need constant attention and careful management.

Space Bridge offers similar performance to Space Echo allowing you to create a cost-effective nearline that can be used to store archive files, replicate online assets and offer editing performance for a limited number of users. Because Space systems are designed to be scalable, adding this resource to your infrastructure adds instant capacity to the storage network.


  • Transition to network attached storage
  • Fast adaptation of legacy storage to Space NAS 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet
  • Performance dependant on your original storage system
  • Join to a Space network for a complete multi-tier storage workflow
  • 2U rack mount form factor (round and square rack mounts included)
  • Enterprise class SSD Boot disk (optional mirrored drives)
  • Fibre Channel 8Gb and SAS 6Gb connectivity options
  • Dual redundant 900W removable PSUs
  • Supports any mix of Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • Supports SPACE storage tiering and data replication