Total Workflow Solution - Shared Storage and LTO Back-up for 4K, 2K & HD Productions


The Complete DIT Station

The journey of rushes from the film set to the post facility is increasingly involved. 4K Duo On-Set is a solution designed for professional digital film crews on location, providing a powerful, multi-function storage platform.

  • Collaborative working allows crews to:   
  • Generate and share proxies   
  • Share the editing process   
  • Undertake the initial grade on-set   
  • Create multiple insurance copies of the raw data   
  • Safely transfer data to the post house

DITs in Space
With digital cinema cameras increasingly capturing to solid state disks, 4K Duo On-Set has dual built-in SSD readers that can read at the disk’s native speed (up-to 1000MB/s combined). This fast ingest process means disks can be returned quickly to the camera assistant, reducing the amount of removable media the team needs. In addition, third party media readers can be used with the USB 3 and optional eSATA ports.

Secure Grading and Editing Platform
New files are safely stored on a RAID protected storage array. The SSD-based storage has incredible performance, enabling multiple users to process, color and edit full resolution files. As with all Space systems, MacOS, Linux and Windows workstations and laptops can connect simultaneously with the 4K Duo On-Set using standard 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb Ethernet, with no concern over the mix of client operating systems. At the same time, assets can be copied to twin LTO-6 tapes; using the TAR or LTFS format, users can read and append data to the tape at any point.

Project Backup and Data Transfer
Projects can be backed up to tape at will. If it exceeds the 2.5TB tape capacity, files can be spanned across multiple tapes via the unit’s user interface. The robustness of LTO tape makes it an ideal transport medium with the LTFS format welcomed by the majority of post-production facilities.



  • Key Feature: A complete on set multi-drive storage platform
  • Performance: Supports 2K, 4K & DPX files; twin LTO-6 drives each run at 160MB/s
  • Capacities: 4TB, 5TB or 6.4TB
  • Media: 2.5TB LTO-6 or 1.5TB LTO-5 using TAR or LTFS format